Modern Quilt Guild Name Tag

To participate in giveaways at the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild‘s Meetings, all participants must (1) be a paying member (check!) and (2) have and wear a handmade name tag.  I spent today working on making my name tag for the March meeting.  I was given a membership card that has important information on it, but it’s pretty boring and doesn’t qualify me for the giveaways.  Having a name tag is a kind of fun way of getting to know everyone and seeing their sewing style.  I know that mine represents my style.


I wanted something super cute, so I made a super-mini geese in a ring bock.  It took me forever to figure out how to reduce the size of this beauty, but I was really relived when I finally figured it out.  Here is the template (look how small!):


I used Essex linen (scraps) for the background and itty-bitty scraps for the flying geese. It was a challenge to make this block so small.  I have made it before in a mini quilt you can find here, but this was really really really really small.






I then added grey borders and some embroidery for my name, then added batting and backing to give it some stability and girth while hanging around my neck:


I added the finishing touches of ribbon to hang it from and quilted a small border and voila!


I then made a lanyard to hang it from. I used a lanyard and ribbon to hang it from because I decided that if I change my mind and want to pin it instead of hang it, I could easily detach it.



I’m very happy with the finished product and can’t wait to show it off at the next meeting. I’m sure that the other ladies have much more interesting name tags, but I am pleased with my first try.


After finishing this project, I was interested in finding other name tag projects and came across this site on flickr.  I am so impressed how creative and interesting other people’s projects are.  I am really blown away by the great amount of inspiration.  I have got a lot of new ideas for my next name tag and possibly for the upcoming project in the modern quilt guild.  The project is a secret name tag swap.  You make a name tag for another member but they don’t know who is making it for them.  I don’t know any of the other members so it would be a great way for everyone to get to know me.

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